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Kenneth R Sheide Photography Blog

20 October 2020 - Subaru Outback Camp Conversion

9 September 2020 - Virginia's Barrier Islands

7 June 2020 - Versatile Graduated Neutral Density Filters

6 June 2020 - Exposure Theory

17 November 2019 - Classic and Vintage Cameras

16 November 2019 - Planning a Photo Trip

5 November 2019 - Working a Subject

29 October 2019 - Gitzo Tripod Experience and Maintenance

29 Nov 20 update: Over the past month I've been adding all my photos that were missing from 2012 and later.  I still need to add keywords and captions to the photos from 2007-2011 and 2019 and also upload my photos taken in 2018 since none of my photos from that year are in the galleries.  You can see these photos from 2017 or from any other year by simply typing the year in the search block on the page.  I now have over 3,300 photos in the galleries available for viewing and purchase.

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